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Online Safety Training - Forklift and Hazmat Training

Get Industry Specific Safety Training for Your Employees Today!

OSHA and DOT requires all companies to ensure that their employees and drivers are trained on the safety responsibilities they will encounter while on the job. SaferHub has used 30 years of safety expertise to ensure that all training modules meet each requirement of teaching employees how to stay safe and do the job properly. Our training modules are:

  • Available 24/7 on any computer, phone or tablet

  • Can be assigned and tracked through the admin portal

  • Assigned based on job title for the specific industry they are in

  • Consistent and efficient

  • Includes required testing

Online Safety Training For Employees

Complete and Track Employee Training Easily with SaferHub

Take Control of Your Safety Training Today!

Fill out the form below or call 601-447-4703 to see a demo and find out how SaferHub can help you manage your training.


Fast and Easy To Use

Classroom, Elearning, and Blended Learning

Employee training should be a blend of computer learning and hands on training. We have built SaferHub with that in mind.

Short, Concise Courses

Our courses are built to give employees the knowledge they need in the most efficient way possible.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Our reporting tool is highly robust, while retaining our focus on ease-of-use. Run a report on any thing you need.

Mobile Delivery Ready

The SaferHub platform is accessible from any device, anywhere. Train on the go and when you need it.

Training Available for All Industries

SaferHub provides your organization with the training catalog YOU need for the industry that you are in. Our training modules are built with efficiency and retention in mind. Whether it's new hire training, refresher courses, or disciplinary action training, we have you covered. See a few of the courses we provide below:

  • Forklift Operator Training

  • Hazardous Materials Training

  • Office Safety Training

  • Drug and Alcohol Training

  • OSHA Construction Safety Training

  • DOT Driver Training 

  • Convenience Store Training

  • Workplace Safety Training

  • Defensive Driving Training

  • + Many Many More

SaferHub has allowed our organization to simplify our training administration and tracking. We can meet all our training requirements with a click of a button.

Brad Tate, Safety Director

Eutaw Construction

It's time to make training way easier. 

2017 SaferHub | | Email:

Our customers come from organizations of all  sizes and industries

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